Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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The Exec

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Alexandra Massie

What I've done
  • Myself and the rest of the Exec have had a meeting with both Girlguiding and the Scout Association where we discussed the constitutional changes and other important changes within SSAGO
  • Learnt a lot about the Articles of Association, Byelaws, and Memorandum of Agreements
  • Have liaised with a very confused HSBC about bank mandate forms, and have arranged for the appropriate forms to be filled in
  • Began Wood Badge training offered by the Scouts to support me in my new role as Chair
  • Read a lot of emails and replied to slightly fewer emails
  • Made Brian an Instagram account and gained access to his Facebook!
What I'm working on
  • Review the previous full membership survey to see if the proposed changes such as the increased food budget for Rallies have had their desired effect.
  • Work with the Members Officer to encourage SSAGO Regions, as this will really help new members of SSAGO feel more confident about attending large, national events.
  • Liaise with the members, SAGGA, Scouting and Girlguiding about the proposed constitution changes, implementing suitable modifications and making sure all parties are happy before anything official goes ahead.
  • Work with the Secretary in improving the outdated factsheets on the website, ideally condensing them into a smaller number of more informative documents.
  • Improve the existing support structure for new and struggling clubs, assigning mentors to these clubs to guide them and help them establish themselves.
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Oliver Bills

What I've done
  • Organised meetings with Scouting, Girlguiding and SAGGA
  • Worked on the constitution to make the updates as required by our associated organisations
  • Begun work on the new SSAGO Knowledgebase and Programme Library
  • Written minutes and agendas for all the Exec meetings undertaken so far
  • Worked with Larah to launch the new Awards part of the website, for nominating people and exploring past awards
  • Increasing Awareness of what Team Pink and National SSAGO get up to, by creating the new Team Pink hub
  • Helped sort out the behind-the-scenes paperwork and administration needed to facilitate handover and the start of the new Exec
What I'm working on
  • Create a national SSAGO programme library, bringing the great ideas of different SSAGO clubs together and enabling every club to benefit from great activities and challenges
  • Build a collaborative SSAGO knowledge base of everything needed for a SSAGO member, club, event, trip - from campfire songs to tips for recruitment to how to run an international trip.
  • Increase communication and openness to make it easier for people to suggest ideas and engage with National SSAGO and also know what’s going on at a National level.
  • Make SSAGO more fun with more national events, badges, projects and history shared through the archive.
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Lucy Tregoning

What I've done
  • Completed the mandates to take control of the SSAGO bank accounts
  • Started this years accounts, finalised last years accounts and have ensured that all transactions are accounted for in the last 15 months
  • Started creating a database of resources for Rally and Ball committees
  • Gone over previous budgets to see where SSAGO expenditure is too high, in order to change in the future
  • Liaised with Rally & Ball committees to start the planning process and produce budgets
  • Spent some time with the exec and have learnt LOADS about SSAGO
What I'm working on
  • Quarterly breakdowns of expenditures
  • Curve unnecessary and unproductive spending
  • Invest more money into Rallies and Support
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Reuben Cone

What I've done
  • With help from the Webmaster I revamped SSAGO Support with a new logo, website and created all the events for the coming year
  • Undertook a substantial social media audit, clearing out all the unnecessary people the accounts were following, reverted back to the original logo after a long overdue time with the 50th Anniversary one
  • Logged the social media accounts for all clubs in a mega spreadsheet
  • General social media work, producing posts and the occasional dank meme
  • Went to Fundays - had a good time!
What I'm working on
  • Creation of SSAGO badge programme: Create infrastructure for SSAGO Clubs challenge badge system as mentioned in manifesto. Open to suggestions for other types of badges. E.g. nights away, committee positions, ‘I’ve been on a SSAGO International!’
  • Overhaul of SSAGO social media: Starting with an update to cover pictures etc. Possibly produce an updated video with footage from Ball, Rally, Keele’s International and WSJ (If someone can film for me!) in time for Freshers. Would like to use Twitter to create more friendly interaction between clubs, currently our account is a bit cluttered and ‘following’ list needs slimming down.
  • Motivate and guide clubs on their social media: Contact every club and encourage them to make sure things are up to date for the start of the new term. This includes the SSAGO website details like descriptions, committee and mascot details.
  • SSAGO Supports: Make SSAGO Supports the best it can be. This includes attending as much as I can, encouraging members to attend and making sure we have a productive and enjoyable time.
  • Scouting and Guiding: Some kind of push from official Scouting and Guiding channels closer to Freshers. Ranging from small things like a Facebook post to changing our content on their websites as I don’t think it’s a great representation of who we really are.
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Thomas Webster

What I've done
    What I'm working on

      The Assistants

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      Joe Barnes

      • Processed 22 orders - it’s been quiet!
      • Changed supplier for neckers in response to complaints about quality. Limited stock available now, more will be in stock after Summer.
      • Trying to sort WSJ badges in time for the WSJ!
      • Finally got rid of all the Reunion clothing I inherited, to their rightful owners.
      • Ordered Keele SSAGO some international neckers embroidered for their international trip this summer.
      • Southampton SSAGO have some items they are selling to fundraise; these are on the Shop website now. This took longer than it should, but it wasn’t me who broke the website (for once)!
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      Larah Korrison

      • Preparation for archive weekend ( 20th - 22nd September
      • Potential visit to Birmingham Cadbury Library to look at the club's collection, interested? Head over to our Facebook group
      • Working with Reuben on publicity ideas including our upcoming pictures from the archives
      • Helped a few clubs with their research inquiries for their birthdays
      • Went to Fundays at Gilwell, did a lot of cutting and gluing!
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      Harriet Bell

      • Maintaining and growing our international contacts
      • Persuading our international friends to join us for Birmingham Rally
      • Working with the Witan committee to grow the international element
      • Developing a new international section of the website